I believe every dog deserves a healthy treat made with real, wholesome ingredients. My name is Colleen Lamie and I am the creator of Pop in Fresh Bones. I have been the proud and loving owner of five remarkable dogs over my lifetime.

My last beloved dog was a Chesapeake Bay retriever named Lola. For nine wonderful years, she was by my side through divorce, children leaving the nest and a car accident which took six years of recovery. Lola was my best friend and never left my side. On a rainy day in November, I was told that she was dying from cancer. The next day she lay in her bed on my dining room floor; my eyes to her eyes and my nose to her nose. I could hear the rain hitting the window, as the needle peacefully put her to rest. I told her how much I loved her and how someday I would dance in the rain for us.

So this is my rainy day dance. When Lola passed away, I began researching dog nutrition and vowed to make fun, healthy and gluten-free dog treats with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. It became my ultimate desire to only use the highest quality human-grade ingredients to keep our animals happy and healthy.

Pop in Fresh Bones evolved from my country kitchen in Western New York. I purchase fresh ingredients and produce from local farmers each week to make natural, healthy treats. From the beginning, I have been carefully supervised by my faithful taste tester, Dewey. In fact, Dewey is such an important part of this process that he is on the logo.

At Pop in Fresh Bones, you will find treats that are not only healthy but also unique and fun for our tail-wagging companions. And speaking of fun, look for a prize in every bag, it’s sure to gain you bonus points with your furry friend.

I hope your pups enjoy their treats and may all of your rainy days end with sunshine!